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Insinger de Beaufort

To Catch a Fish
Annual Review 2005

for Aquarium Writers
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As a relatively small player in a highly competitive, global business the bank knew it needed to offer a distinctive service to attract investor funds. It prided itself on its ability to identify outperforming fund managers. They were men and women with the right stuff, not swayed by the latest fashion. These were people to follow.

The brief for the 2005 review was simple - describe them and what they do.



The sea is always unpredictable. It's a world of risk, and one that fund managers recognise.

For "To Catch A Fish" we spent a week on an Icelandic long-line fishing vessel, with what was reputed to be the country's best crew. Today's fishermen have access to the latest computer equipment - sonar, GPS, weather satellites and fish tracking devices. In the end, there is no substitute for gut instinct. It all comes down to judgment.